jQuery UI Helpers

jQuery UI Helpers is a set of HTML Helpers that help you to seamlessly integrate jQuery UI into your ASP.NET MVC application. They have similar look and feel to the built in helpers (e.g. DatepickerFor), but also implement a fluent configuration API to fully utilize the power of jQuery UI. The helpers only generate HTML elements with data-* attributes and unobtrusive JavaScript is used to do the required initializations.

jQuery UI Helpers is distirbuted on NuGet. Read the Download page to see how to add the package to any ASP.NET MVC3, ASP.NET MVC4 or ASP.NET MVC5 project using Visual Studio.

If you are new to jQuery UI Helpers the Getting Sarted page will help you to make the first steps. The Documentation describes and demonstrates all supported widgets and interactions. It also has an API reference.

Found a bug? Have questions? The Contact page helps you to get in touch with me. All feedback is welcome!